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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is, without doubt, the most exciting field of surgery to work in. Whilst many people associate the specialty with only it’s cosmetic component, this is just part of what it encompasses.

Hand surgery, skin cancer surgery, major reconstructive surgery for breast cancer, sarcoma ablation or trauma and peripheral nerve surgery are all part of the repertoire of a qualified specialist plastic surgeon.

The history of plastic surgery, as with other areas of surgery and medicine, is rich with ingenuity and creativity born of a need to overcome injury and illness.

Many inspirational surgeons have contributed - from Sushruta in India in 600BC and Tagliacozzi in Italy in the 15th Century to Morrison and Taylor (both Melbourne Plastic Surgeons) whose work paved the way for the current era of reconstructive plastic surgery.

This website is designed to help patients understand the services that I provide and my philosophy on plastic surgery. It is also meant as an aide to being informed on any procedure that you may require.

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Clear and Brilliant Laser - when simple skin care is no longer enough.

Clear and Brilliant Laser - when simple skin care is no longer enough.


Breast Augmentation Part 1.

Breast Augmentation Part 2.