Laser Skin Treatment

- Clear and Brilliant -

Prevention is better than cure. We all know that. The great thing about the Clear and Brilliant Laser is that it is designed to treat skin ageing early and subsequently slow its progress.

Skin care is important and basic skin care starts long before the need for laser treatments arises. Keeping skin clean and healthy requires a small amount of discipline and time but is really quite simple. Gentle cleansers combined with a good moisturiser and sunscreen form a great baseline. Avoiding toxins such as cigarette smoke and alcohol preserve skin quality as does prevention of significant sun exposure. In general, our skin reflects the health of us as individuals.

The Clear and Brilliant laser becomes relevant when simple skin care is no longer enough to maintain your skin’s quality. The laser creates millions of microscopic holes in the outer layers of the skin. This generates results through a combination of stimulating  new collagen formation and improving skin tone. It also facilitates the effects of topical skin care products allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin and past layers of dead skin cells where their action is wasted.






Recovery from treatment with the Clear and Brilliant Laser is generally quick. There is no bleeding, no bruising and only short lived erythema or redness. Some people experience mild swelling, and exfoliation of dry skin may occur spontaneously during the recovery phase. All of these symptoms can be easily managed with Vitamin C serum and moisturiser.


Whilst a single treatment will have beneficial effects, best results are achieved with multiple treatments over time and in conjunction with the right skin care products. To this effect, we have a range of tried and tested treatments that will give ideal results when combined with the Clear and Brilliant laser.

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Single treatment $350 (incl. GST)
3 treatments $900 (incl. GST)
4 treatments $1200 (incl. GST)

For a consultation with Plastic Surgeon Mr Mathew Lee or to see our Clinical and Cosmetic nurse Tara Whitaker, please contact the rooms for an appointment.